Volunteer work

Dr. Gupta has been passionate about charity work for the past seven years. She and her husband, a world-renowned endoscopic urologist, donate their time and services to helping the underprivileged in rural parts of India. They also immerse their three children in these surgical camps to foster the spirit of giving back.

They have been to such areas as Rajkot, Bhopal, Bhavnagar, and Mahua. Their mission is three-fold: to perform surgery on those who are suffering; to teach and train the local doctors and resident doctors on new and advanced techniques; and to give lectures to students in elementary schools to stress the importance of primary and secondary education. By helping on a three-dimensional level, the impact of the volunteer work far outlasts the visit.

International Volunteers in Medicine helps coordinate the camps. Hundreds of patients in near and distant villages and clinics are screened prior to the arrival of Dr. Gupta in India. Some villagers may travel hundreds of miles for the possibility of an improvement of their chronic pain or condition that has gone untreated for years. Upon arrival in India, the initial day is spent triaging the patients. Those in need of surgery are provided room and board on the premises. Those who are managed conservatively are prescribed the appropriate medication or are sent home with the hope that the future may bring a cure for their malady. Typically, twelve to twenty surgeries are performed daily from dawn until dusk until every possible patient has been treated.

The following pictures are demonstrative of the hospitals and clinics where these camps are held. Some pre-operative and post-operative photos also depict the nature of the reconstructive procedures that Dr. Gupta performs in India (please click on the photo to enlarge):

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Pay back time for doc couple from US. Sunday Times Of India -
December 5, 2010
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Site Photos:

Government-owned Trust Hospital in Rajkot

Hospital Grounds, Rajkot

Welcome Reception for Dr. Gupta and her husband thrown by the Mayor of Rajkot and Dean of the Medical School

Local volunteer doctors in front row, welcome reception

Townspeople gathered at welcome reception for Drs. Gupta

Dr. Gupta with residents who learned advanced oculoplastic surgery from her in Rajkot.

Dr. Gupta with attending ophthalmologists at Trust Hospital in Rajkot.

Drs. Gupta with camp coordintator, Dr. Amlani (photo left), and local doctors

Dr. Gupta with team of doctors in Bhavnagar

Dr. Gupta with nursing staff in Bhavnagar

Operating theater in Bhavnagar

Operating theater in Mahua

Recovery Ward in Bhopal

Recovery Ward in Bhopal

Drs. Mantu and Lopa Gupta outside public school in Bhopal

Drs. Gupta about to give lecture to elementary school students in Bhopal

Hospital in Mahua

Hospital grounds in Mahua (families of patients camp outside for several days)

Dr. Gupta and her family with religious leader in Mahua (MorariBapu)

Team of Volunteers in Mahua
Patient Photos:

2-year old girl with large cyst, right upper lid, encroaching vision.

Dr. Gupta operating on 2-year old girl.

Exposure of cavity after cyst removal.

Patient with entropion left lower lid (lashes and lid rolled in). This causes chronic pain, blurred vision, tearing, redness, and eventually, corneal scarring in the eye

Immediately after repair of entropion. Note that the lid and lashes are in better anatomic position

Close-up, entropion

Close-up, after repair

Patient with ectropion left lower lid (lid rolled out). This causes chronic blurred vision, dry eye, redness, recurrent infections, and eventually, scarring of the cornea and conjunctiva

Immediately after ectropion repair. Note that the lid is now higher and tighter. This improved anatomic position will better protect the eye. The redness and swelling will resolve within a week

Close-up, ectropion

Close-up, after repair

Incipient entropion. Patient is looking through her lashes

Immediately after repair. Improved vision since lashes are now in better position

Chronic obstruction and infection of tear sac (dacryocystitis)

Immediately after repair (dacryocystorhinostomy). The procedure involved chiseling out a new tear duct opening in the bone of the nose and cleaning out the infected tear sac. Due to the longstanding nature of the problem, an extensive amount of scar tissue was encountered and removed

7 year old after repair of full thickness lid laceration (bed pole injury). The lid will recover its function fully. Due to gruesome nature of the injury, the pre-op photo has not been presented

Severe ectropion of the lid as well as eversion of the tear duct (inner corner of lid)

Immediately after ectropion and tear duct repair. Improved position of lid and tear duct