"Dr. Gupta performed corrective eyelid surgery on me and I have nothing but the highest regards for her esthetic skills as a surgeon. Her empathetic manner was superior to any doctor I had seen previously for my situation. I continue to consult her for any ongoing concerns. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

Linda, Connecticut

"I am a man in my 50s. I have been seeing Dr. Gupta since my early 40s for Dysport shots and various laser treatments. Thanks to her, I still have interested women in their 20s and 30s approaching me. They are always shocked at the answer they get when they ask my age. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta. Thank you Dr. Gupta"

All the Best,

Anonymous Male, Westchester NY

"For years I have been wanting to get the dark circles/bags removed from under my eyes, but I kept putting it off. Then one day I was flipping through Time Out NY and saw an ad for Dr. Gupta. Her specialty is exactly what I yearned for. Clearly it was a sign that I needed to get a consult. After meeting Dr. Gupta, there was no doubt that I was going to finally go through with the procedure and she was the one to do it.

There was no pain at all, and I was able to go home right after the procedure. Dr. Gupta and her staff were very helpful with all of my questions. If you want to go to the best and most compassionate Doctor that you'll ever meet, then look no further. I couldn't be happier with the results and my friends and family can't stop talking about how young, youthful, and how much happier I am.

Thank you so much Dr. Gupta, I will forever be indebted to your great work. You have changed my life for the better."

All the Best,

DJP New York, NY

"For many years, I yearned to correct the tired look that I saw when I looked in the mirror. There were bags under my eyes and my upper eyelids drooped. I researched many surgeons, but did not find the combination of expertise, artistic talent and compassion, until I met Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Gupta performed an upper and lower blepharoplasty, while I was awake, with the help of valium. This was done in her office with a laser. There was no pain at all, and I was able to go home right after the procedure. Dr. Gupta and her staff were very helpful with all of my questions. No concern was too small. It has been four months, and I have my "young" eyes back, but still look like "me". No longer do tired eyes look back, when looking in the mirror. I am very happy with the results and am thankful I was able to find Dr. Gupta."

LL, New York

"I went to Dr. Gupta for a consultation two years after a very bad blepharoplasty. It was a procedure I had not sought out, but was talked into by a general plastic surgeon. It ruined my face which I had been quite happy with. It was the greatest regret I've ever had. I had seen several doctors to find out if anything could be done to improve my eyes. I didn't intend to have any further surgery. At the initial consultation Dr. Gupta identified all the issues that troubled me including deep scarring under the eyes, lumps of fat randomly around the entire eye area and a change in size and shape of the eye reducing the size significantly and giving me a freakish look, especially when I smiled. I had stopped smiling two years before. She explained what she could do to improve my eyes dramatically. Her experience is unparalleled and her care for each patient is evident. She takes great pride in her work and provides tremendous follow up after the surgery to ensure the best possible results.

I was thrilled to have the surgery done, all under a local anesthetic. She explained everything she was doing as she did it. The deep scars/welts under my eyes were lasered away. Hard, lumpy fat deposits were removed and webbing around the outside corners of my eyes was removed also. I've had four follow up sessions to date to speed up the healing and maximize the results. I feel like a new person again. I've regained my confidence. I laugh and smile just as I used to. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Gupta and her caring and competent staff. They truly gave me my smile back. I will be eternally indebted "

Dr. Gupta Gave Me My Smile Back

"I have not reached out to thank you for doing such a great job with my daughter's under eye surgery...I cannot thank you enough. It has made such a difference and I know she feels so much better. As you know she has been struggling with dark under eye circles for years causing her so much anxiety. The surgery has improved the condition so much and has made her so much happier. She really trusts you so much and is really fond of you."

SS, Fair Lawn, NJ

"My mother has had procedures done in your office on her eyelids due to her Bell's Palsy. From seeing your work and helping her feel better about herself, I am fond of your work as well as your bedside manner. Therefore, I am inquiring about a consultation for myself..."

CS, Brooklyn, NY

" I had many lines and wrinkles under my eyes from a medical condition I had in my twenties and wanted to give myself the gift of erasing those lines while refreshing my upper and lower lids. To my surprise, a plastic surgeon in Southern California where I live, told me that he thought he couldn’t do what I wanted with any success.  Fortunately, I subscribe to New York Magazine and when I saw Dr. Lopa Gupta’s ad, I decided that on my next trip to New York, I would have a consultation.

Expecting the worst, I was delighted when Dr. Gupta examined me and told me that what I wanted would be no problem at all. She described a simple procedure that would erase the cross-hatch of wrinkles and lift my upper and lower lids and told me that it would be simple, quick, effective and painless. Not only did she radiate confidence and assurance about the result, but also she had the kind of bedside manner that is all but gone in the medical profession these days. I felt as if I were in completely competent and kind hands. I was also impressed with Dr. Gupta’s pre-op instructions that clearly stated that I should not worry at all, but rather start getting excited. Now, that’s pre-op worth listening to.

I booked a room for a week at the Ritz-Carlton, White Plains, because I knew they would take care of me post-op with the care that I would want after surgery. The hotel is about ten minutes from Dr. Gupta’s office. Dr. Gupta’s office manager, Ann, who is wonderfully personable and competent, arranged a car and driver to bring me to the office on the day of my surgery.

True to her word, Dr. Gupta administered anesthetics that kept me completely awake, conscious and pain-free during the surgery. Even the administration of the anesthetics was painless. What a treat!  Eyes shielded by opaque lenses, I relaxed while Dr. Gupta did her work. She was finished in about 90 minutes. Simple, easy. To my surprise, when I was finished, she looked at my eyes and said, “I can already see how your eyes are going to come in and you’re going to love them.”

I followed instructions that Dr. Gupta gave me about aftercare. Again, simple, easy. Also, the hotel bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed. Six days later, I returned to Dr. Gupta’s office, where she removed the stitches after which I flew home to California.

After another week to ten days, I felt completely confident to go out in public and could see my eyes changing almost every single day. Now, after three months, my eyes are beautifully “in place,” though, according to Dr. Gupta, they will continue to look better and better until they are fully settled after six months. I certainly look forward to that, but more importantly, to look in the mirror now and see all the evidence of those lines that I carried for more than thirty years gone, the skin smooth and the eyelids themselves fresh and crisp – exactly what I envisioned – is a real treat.  I am thrilled.
Every single conversation I have had with Dr. Gupta or with Ann has been a complete pleasure for me. I never felt rushed or stupid for having the questions and concerns I had. That means a lot to me. I rate my results and satisfaction with Dr. Gupta’s work at the highest level and my experience of working with her and her staff as premium service. I am so happy that I came to New York for this surgery. When it comes to health and appearance, I want quality. Dr. Gupta and her staff are the best. I highly recommend them."

Mr. B.L.
Palm Springs, California
February 16, 2009


"I think you do some of the best, most beautiful and natural looking eyes out of all the surgeons I have considered throughout the years...

I don't think I expressed how pleased I am with the liposuction results. My inner thighs were a huge problem for me ever since puberty, and I just could never lose weight there. Now I can walk around without feeling like my thighs are weighing me down... When my boyfriend and I went to NYC for a show last December, I told him that that was the best Christmas present I could have had - just being able to walk around without my thighs rubbing together for the first time since I was 10 years old! Its probably something most people never think about, since its a weird spot to store fat...

Thank you once again!"

MR, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Amazing, awake, and alive are how my family and friends have described my eyes. It was a painless procedure with an easy recovery for remarkable results. Dr. Gupta and her distinguished staff took wonderful care of me. Thank you for giving me back my youthfulness. It has proven to be an eyelifting experience."

Denise Christiana

"Based on the circumstances of my life these last several years, you have allowed me to be part of an experience I had not been able to even imagine I would experience again - and that is feeling of being a 'normal' woman with 'normal' concerns about her looks. Having the well fortune, by happenstance, to meet you has allowed me to feel better about my life as a whole again. Your compassion coupled with unsurpassed skill and competence, has allowed me to experience hope about what each day can bring! I don't expect you to feel what I do but I want to you to know how special you truly are. Thank you, Dr. Gupta! I pray that the world had more medical professionals like yourself and I am grateful to say you are the best!"

Elizabeth Bigley

"Thanks to you I have been given beautiful, new horizons in my life. Your excellent and thoughtful care has erased years from my face, giving me back the person I used to know. And how wonderful that it doesn't look like a facelift. Titan affords such a subtle, soft and flattering effect that I don't look radically changed, only younger."

B.Goldee Greene

"Dr. Gupta is the most amazing alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Her touch is delicate, her credentials are sterling and her honesty is unquestionable. Dr. Gupta will never do anything that is unnecessary, nor will she encourage treatments that are not suited to the patient. There is no one I would trust with my face more than I trust Lopa Gupta."